Boots on the Ground

Boots on the Ground – ©2012 Kirby Sanders –

Sitting on the couch looking at old photos. Boots kicked off on the floor. Stocking feet propped up on the coffee table.

Came across a photo from 30 years ago – taken during an extended camping trip in Texas. I look disheveled in that old photo – about the way you would expect one would look after a couple weeks of camping out, I suppose.

Something peculiar in the photo. The boots on my feet in the dirt 30 years ago are the same pair that are now laying peacefully on the floor by the coffee table.

Work boots. Every-day boots. Nothing fancy. Beat to hell 30 years ago. Beat to hell more by now. Those poor boots are now patched and stitched together where the leather just gave out to wear. Re-soled and re-heeled four times since the photo was taken.

Me, too.

By now they are probably thousand-dollar boots for all that was spent to keep them up – but nothing special. Just the scruffy remnants of a life full of memories. Scarred and scuffed. Stomped through streams and deserts; rainforests and cities. Torn and tattered and sewed back up.

Me, too.

Come the time – if I am allowed one final request – bury me in those boots.


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